Couples Therapy

“When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending. And when we don’t own our stories of failure, setbacks, and hurt — they own us.”

-Brené Brown

Statistics show 69% of conflict in relationships is about unresolvable, perpetual problems. Of these, 16% of these perpetual issues involve gridlocked couple conflicts. (Gottman, J.M. and Levenson, R. 2002). Despite this, the average couple waits six years before seeking help for marital problems.

Couples who successfully navigate the landmines of life do so with intentional efforts to compromise, negotiate, and repair conflict.

At The Clinic, our therapists use a variety of evidenced-based models to intervene where couples need it most. That includes building on therapeutic experiences that offer opportunities for each couple to address years of unresolved issues or begin their relationship with a solid foundation of appropriate communication and boundaries.

According to infidelity statistics, about 40% of unmarried couples and 25% of marriages see at least one incident of infidelity. It may also be appropriate to realize that the results of infidelity may lead to serious trauma for both partners and often results in PTSD symptoms in the harmed partner. Digital technology has profoundly affected how we relate and has had a significant impact on sexuality and connection in primary relationships. In this era of digital addictions, there’s a noticeable rise in infidelity and a direct tie to the increased usage of dating sites, social media, and pornography.

Couples therapy is hard work. Most couples wait much longer than necessary for professional intervention. If you’re experiencing constant stress and turmoil in your relationship, take the steps sooner rather than later to repair those cracks. We can gently guide you back on track.

Couples may want to see a professional when:

  • Infidelity has occurred
  • Disagreeing about finances
  • Isolation has replaced intimacy
  • Struggling with consistent conflict
  • Keeping secrets from one another
  • One or both partners are experiencing addiction

We take a caring, non-judgmental & collaborative approach to mental health.

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